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NextRewards for Online Orders of 2~4 Business Days or faster services:

Quality, Price, Selection, are just some of the reasons to choose NextWarehouse as your IT supplier; now, you have one more reason to buy from us:

Receive up to 5.1% NextRewards points ($) on your Online Purchases of 2~4 Business Days or faster services.
(Customers who earn rebates from referrals are excluded from this program. Customers who pay the orders through GoogleCheckOut are also excluded from this program.)
  • Easy. Shop online with and pay by credit card, wire transfer, purchase order or PayPal. **For wire transfers and purchase orders, please pay the full amount on the invoice, do not deduct the online credit amount**
  • Automatic Credit, for every online purchase other than 5~10 Business Days service, you earn NextRewards points =
    (Your NextRewards Rate) x (the amount of the current purchase)
  • Endless Possibilities. You can spend the NextRewards points on your next purchase, save them for a special gift selection, upgrade the service, donate to a non-profit organization, and more!
  • Earn more. The more you buy, the higher your discount rate will be. If you consolidate all your orders that you place with other companies to NextWarehouse, we will help you maximize the greatest benefit.
  • Here is how we calculate your NextRewards rate: we divide your previous six (6) months net purchase by six (6), excluding the tax, special fees and S/H, as your monthly order average. Your NextRewards rate then will be determined by the following table. For customers with order history less than six (6) months, we still divide your net purchase by six. The monthly order averages are re-calculated at the end of each month. Your NextRewards rate remains the same for the entire month until next calculation. ** For the first order of new customers, the NextRewards rate is set to the first level of 1% if the shipping service level is 2~4 business days or faster.
  • Monthly Average NextRewards Rate Monthly Average NextRewards Rate
    $250 1.0% $50,000 3.1%
    $500 1.1% $55,000 3.2%
    $750 1.2% $60,000 3.3%
    $1,000 1.3% $65,000 3.4%
    $1,250 1.4% $70,000 3.5%
    $1,500 1.5% $75,000 3.6%
    $2,000 1.6% $80,000 3.7%
    $2,500 1.7% $85,000 3.8%
    $3,000 1.8% $90,000 3.9%
    $4,000 1.9% $95,000 4.0%
    $5,000 2.0% $100,000 4.1%
    $6,000 2.1% $110,000 4.2%
    $8,000 2.2% $120,000 4.3%
    $10,000 2.3% $130,000 4.4%
    $15,000 2.4% $140,000 4.5%
    $20,000 2.5% $150,000 4.6%
    $25,000 2.6% $160,000 4.7%
    $30,000 2.7% $170,000 4.8%
    $35,000 2.8% $180,000 4.9%
    $40,000 2.9% $190,000 5.0%
    $45,000 3.0% $200,000 5.1%

The "NextRewards Program" is available only for online orders with Orders that are cancelled or returned (RMA's) are subject to having store credits reversed. This offer is voided in states that do not allow participation in store credit discount programs. The order amount used for calculation excludes the tax, special fees, and S/H.

**Due to manufacturer restrictions and MSRP issues, this program is not applicable to Peerless, Transition, Moxa, and Cable Unlimited products.

**NextWarehouse reserves the right to change or discontinue this program at any time, for any reason. Nextwarehouse also reserve the right to void the credits if customers' accounts are closed for any reason. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 13642 ratings and reviews